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We've added a few new new designs to the Spirit Speaker. Same great sound, same fully adjustable Noise reduction and Reverb ALL NEW GREAT LOOKS !!  Check them out in the Web store !!!

A New Design Spirit Communication Enhancer built by David Caltrider of Manchester Paranormal Society. It works with " Hacked Radios" as well as the PSB7, PSB11 and ITC Apps on your smart phone or tablet. The Spirit Speaker is a Lightweight Self contained device. Meaning NO BIG BULKY pedals hanging from it. It has Fully adjustable Noise Reduction to eliminate the peskey scracthy static of the radio as well as a Fully adjustable Reverb to help enchance the Spirit voices.


The Spirit Speaker is Very comparable to other devices costing over $600.... So why not save over $400 and get one that is just as great as those other ones.

The Spirit Speaker Requires 2 9 Volt batteries for operation as well as a Spirit box with a haedphone jack or a smart phone or tablet.

These are made when ordered so shipping time is 1-2 weeks, and are shipped USPS Priority Mail.

                  !!!!  VISIT OUR WEBSTORE TO PURCHACE YOURS !!!!

Manchester Paranormal Society is here to help you with all of your paranormal needs. We can handle anything from a typical residual haunting to a full fledged negative haunting. We have members who are Ordained Ministers as well as members who study Demonology.All cases will remain private and confidential,  we understand that sometimes this type of thing needs to be handled very discreetly.We will not judge you or your family instead we will help to guide you to a complete understanding of what is happening. 

Each case will be assigned it's own case manager who will guide them every step of the way through the Research and Investigation process.  We will not judge you or your family instead we will help to guide you to a complete understanding of what is happening. 

MPS is very committed to what we do, we take paranormal research very seriously and would be honored to assist you in your home, business, or any location in which you are or have experienced paranormal activity.

Manchester Paranormal Society is located in Manchester Maryland we are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week by phone or text at 443-375-8294

By email at [email protected]



We are currently booking new cases for 2016, hurry before we fill up! We have many new cases coming in daily. 

                  NO FEE GUARANTEE

We have never charged for our services NOR will we ever charge for them. However, Manchester Paranormal Society will accept donations, we will never ask or expect them. But if you do donate, please know that all funds go towards the cost of travel, batteries, and updating our equipment. We do this help the people who are in need and because we are very passionate about  the paranormal.

 Thank you.

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